June 15 2017

Syncing OneDrive folder located across multiple disk drives

OneDrive doesn’t have the option to select folders from multiple disk drives – this wasn’t a problem for other online storage/synchronization tools that I have used previously, however OneDrive wants you to simply selection one “root” folder and it will only included files/folders beneath that.

I have a scenario where I have a 100GB SSD disk for frequently accessed files and a 1TB slower SATA disk for photos and archives. I have files and folders in both drives that I want to be synchronized to the OneDrive “Cloud”.

So to do this I needed to use the Windows command line tool MKLINK to create a symbolic link.

C:\Users\danovich\OneDrive\         <——- “Root” OneDrive folder, located on the 100GB SSD drive
D:\Data\Photos\         <——- Photos folder, located on the 1TB SATA drive, containing 500GB of photos I want to be sync’d into OneDrive

Open a command prompt with admin privledges and type:

mklink /d "C:\Users\Dan\OneDrive\Photos" "D:\Data\Photos"

You’ll get a success message:

symbolic link created for C:\Users\Dan\OneDrive\Photos <<===>> D:\Data\Photos

Data will now be syncing with OneDrive and the “Photos” symbolic link, essentially a shortcut, will appear in the OneDrive folder:

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  1. By Jehmeema on

    S’times I can never access my images off the damn cloud ! This frustrates a sister like no end . I hate it when it takes so long. Found the information solit, useful.

  2. By Turismo CaNica on

    ok…dumb question. I successfully created the link. But I cannot access the link within the Onedrive folder on my desktop. It says the location is Unavailable. There are files in the location I linked to but how do I verify that OneDrive is syncing them? When I sign in to OD Online, the Linked location/shortcut does not show up.



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